How I'm making $200 - $300/month in my sleep with this simple iOS app!

How I'm making $200 - $300/month in my sleep with this simple iOS app!

Earning Passive Income with a Simple iOS App: My Experience Making $200 - $300/month While Sleeping

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Two years ago, I set out to challenge myself by creating an app from scratch in just one week. My goal was to get the app live on the iOS App Store. During this process, I spent a few days brainstorming ideas for an app that users would find useful and use frequently. Here are five education-related app ideas that I came up with:

  1. A flashcard app that allows students to create and study flashcards for different subjects.

  2. A quiz app that generates random quizzes for students to practice their knowledge on a particular subject.

  3. A language learning app that teaches users a new language through interactive lessons and quizzes.

  4. A virtual tutoring app that connects students with tutors for one-on-one tutoring sessions.

  5. A study planner app that helps students create a schedule and track their progress on different subjects.

Although I liked these ideas, I wasn't completely satisfied with them. Then, I met a friend who was preparing to take the US citizenship test. I asked him about the process of getting ready for the test and he mentioned that he had an audio recording of the questions and answers, as well as an app. When he showed me the app, I was struck by its simple design. I then decided to make an app similar to the one he showed me.

My App version.

theses are the features I initially wanted to implement

  1. Practice quizzes: Users could take practice quizzes that cover the various topics covered on the citizenship test, such as US history, government, and civics. The app could track users' progress and highlight areas where they may need additional study.

  2. Study materials: The app could provide access to study materials, such as a list of important dates, events, and people in US history, as well as summaries of key principles of the US government and Constitution.

  3. Flashcards: Users could create and study flashcards with key terms and concepts from the citizenship test.

  4. Exam simulator: The app could offer a simulated version of the citizenship test, with questions and an interface similar to the actual exam, to help users get a feel for the real test.

I created the US citizenship app and launched it on the app store, but then forgot about it. Later, I decided to check in on its performance in the app store and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was doing quite well.

how the app is making me money if the app is free?

the way the app is generating money is because i decided to add Google AdsMob

Google AdMob is a mobile advertising platform that allows app developers to monetize their apps by showing ads to users. It is a product of Google and is specifically designed for developers who create apps for Android and iOS. AdMob allows developers to show ads from a variety of ad networks, including Google's own ad network, as well as to show ads in a variety of formats, such as banner ads, interstitial ads, and native ads. AdMob also provides tools for developers to track the performance of their ads, including impressions, clicks, and revenue generated.

When someone downloads my app that uses AdMob, they might see an ad pop up on their screen every now and then. The person who made the app gets paid a little bit of money every time someone sees one of those ads. AdMob helps the app maker track how many people are seeing the ads and how much money they're making.

It is worth noting that the primary objective of this project was not to generate significant revenue, but rather to successfully create and launch an app. While it may be true that the amount of 200-300 dollars per month may not seem like a significant amount to some, it is important to recognize that the main goal was simply to successfully develop and release the app.

what's next?

If this blog receives positive feedback and attracts a significant audience, I would be happy to make the GitHub project open source, allowing anyone to modify the code and customize it to their needs. Currently, the app includes a JSON file with questions and answers. This file can easily be replaced with a different set of questions and answers, making it simple to modify the content of the app.

Link to my IOS App US-citizenship

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